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A Bit Late But...Happy New Year

So... I’m a bit late to the party when it comes to reflecting on last year but I tend to spend the whole of January reflecting and making plans. Although, this year I’ve actually managed to pull myself together and release a small Valentine’s collection! I’ve also been fairly busy this month with enquiries and even a few sales which has been amazing. January is often really tough for a small business because it’s so quiet, so I’m beyond grateful for the work I’ve had come my way. Might as well just jump right in, hadn’t I? Last year was... a thing... but in all honesty I’m sickeningly grateful for last year. It’s really easy to get caught up in all the madness of the past year and how everything has changed, but I highly suggest reflecting on 2020 with gratitude glasses on. Have a think and let me know what you’re grateful for.

If you read my last blog post (yes, that was MONTHS ago... six to be exact) you will know how much I was struggling at the beginning of last year and how things were starting to turn around. Well, things kept going! I created and launched my new logo and did a bit of a branding update which I’m really happy with and feel it suits the business a lot better, I started showing my actual face more on social media and even started making videos! Me!? Videos!? Madness! October, November and December were amazing and I can never say thank you enough for all of your support. I had a much more successful year than I thought I was going to and that’s down to you! Although there were changes to the business, the biggest changes were personal and I can’t deny how much of a difference that has made to how I run the business and how much more confident I am. Never forget to look after yourself and do what you need to to ensure you’re functioning at your best. So, here’s my gratitude list for last year!

  • Having the time to really focus on my business.

  • All of the new connections I’ve made via Instagram.

  • Hitting over 1k followers on Instagram! I still can’t believe it!

  • Every single follower, like, comment, message, email I got.

  • All the sales I had.

  • Having the time to work on my mental health.

  • Having the time to reconnect with things I love doing besides making.

  • All the love and support from my family and friends.

  • Getting the chance to do a few markets in person.

  • Being able to work from home and continue making to some degree.

There’s more but you get the idea!

Now for this year! I’m hoping to launch more pieces for you to add to your collections. I really want to work with gemstones more and hope to figure out a way to make more wood pieces too. I’ve got so many ideas; I have no idea how I’m going to get through them! I’m also hoping to give the website a bit of a shakeup at some point but I need to do some planning and copywriting first. Above all I want to continue connecting with you more and aim for you to get to know me better. I also promise to bring out more blog posts! I know I’ve not been great at this but I have a mini series of posts that I want to do and want to put up more regarding styling and jewellery tips. If there’s anything specific you’d like to see, let me know! I also hope I get the chance, at some point, to be back in the studio. I really miss it and I know my back would certainly be glad for it! I hope this first month of 2021 hasn’t been too bad, I know things aren’t how we hoped, but we’ve just got to keep going and making sure we’re looking after ourselves and our loved ones. If you’d like to see more of what I’m up to you can follow me on Instagram: or you can sign up to my mailing list: and get a code for 10% off your order! I’ll see you soon! Emily x

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