Aluminium Drop Earrings

These aluminium earrings are hand cut with a range of floral and geometric patterns so you can choose what design reflects your style. Each cut element is on a stainless steel fish hook ear wire so that it won’t cause any irritation or staining and the aluminium makes them lightweight and easy to wear.

Each have a brushed finish to show off the more industrial look of aluminium.


There are a range of designs which includes:

  • Geometric rectangles. Length: 4.9cm Width: 1.4cm
  • Stained glass rectangles. Length: 5cm Width: 1.6cm
  • Simple flower in a circle. Diameter: 3cm
  • Flower and dots in a circle. Diameter: 3cm


If there is a design you would like, but it’s not on the shop please get in touch and I can create a custom pair for you.


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