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Magenta Gem Studs

Magenta Gem Studs

Unlock the Magic of Magenta


These Magenta Glow Silver Stud Earrings are more than just jewellery; they're a burst of color and magic for your ears. The camera might not capture their true beauty, but I guarantee you'll be enchanted by their brilliance in person.


Simple Elegance, Unmatched Comfort


Crafted with simplicity and comfort in mind, these silver studs feature 9.5mm posts and secure butterfly backs. These elements ensure that you can wear them all day, every day, without any discomfort.


Magenta Glow Cubic Zirconia - A Delicate Marvel


At the heart of these earrings are the dainty 3mm Magenta Glow Cubic Zirconia stones. These gems are no ordinary stones; they hold the power to captivate with a mesmerising display of colors. From magenta to red and even hints of orange, they create a spectacle, especially when kissed by the sun's rays.


Customise Your Magic


Want a larger size or a different stone that resonates with your unique energy? Reach out and I'll work my to make your vision a reality. Please keep in mind that the price may vary for custom orders, but the result will be a piece of jewellery that's truly yours.


Eco-Friendly Packaging, a Touch of Luxury


I care for the environment as much as I care for crafting beautiful jewellery. That's why your earrings will be lovingly packaged in eco-friendly materials, aligning with my commitment to sustainability. You can also add exquisite gift wrapping to make your purchase even more special.


Elevate your style and infuse a touch of magic into your daily life with the Magenta Glow Silver Stud Earrings. Order yours today and experience the enchantment for yourself!

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