Large Honeycomb Statement Art Necklace

Large Honeycomb Statement Art Necklace

This necklace has been made from hand cut aluminium and laser etched plywood. This piece is a one-off and totally unique. This necklace is perfect for a collector of unusual and unique jewellery or someone that loves to make a statement with thier style.

The piece is hung from two ropes that are secured with magnetic fastenings. Due to the way the piece is put together, it can be worn in many different ways, get creative with it!

The necklace explores the contrast between urban and natural aesthetics via material, shape and pattern. The pattern etched into the wood is bubbles.

As part of the shipping cost the piece will come in a branded box, so will be perfect to give as a gift or to treat yourself!


This is a totally one-off piece. I will not be creating a piece like this again, it's a piece of art.


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