Mixed Metal Link and Facet Necklace

Mixed Metal Link and Facet Necklace

These are gorgeous statement pieces that use a range of materials and textures to highlight the beauty within imperfections.


Each link is handmade from either copper or silver with a selection oxidised to cause the metal to turn black. The blackened links are sealed using wax but some rub off may occur over time.


The wooden faces are made from walnut, pine and pine that’s been stained with ink. These are formed by sanding each piece of wood into unique shapes.


There are two different styles available:

-Black and plain facets with large hand cut copper piece. Length approximately 40cm.

- Walnut and pine facets with small hand cut and textured copper piece. Length approximately 36cm.


These are one-off pieces, but if you would like something similar, you can get in touch about getting a custom piece made.


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