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A photo of Emily smiling with trees in the background. She is wearing one of her moonstone dainty gem pendants.

Hi! I’m Emily, and here you will learn a lot more about me, my business and my journey as a Jeweller. 

Like a lot of people I was a really creative child so, naturally, I went to university to do a creative subject. I studied 3D Design and specialised in jewellery. But why jewellery? It’s something that is so personal, and one of the only things in life where the sentimental value outweighs the material value. It’s something that tells a story and I love being able to help people tell theirs. This is why I love making one-off and custom pieces. Knowing that what I’m creating is going to mean so much, is so special.

A pair of rings with a box made out of etched wood and cut out metal sides. They look very geometric and industrial.


Here's how I translate my eco-conscious values into every creation:

  • Recycled, Recyclable, and Reusable Packaging: I take pride in packaging your jewelry in materials that are not only elegant but also eco-friendly. Our packaging is recycled, recyclable, and designed for reuse, reducing waste and environmental impact.

  • Sustainable Materials: I'm dedicated to using recycled silver/gold and ethically sourced gemstones in my designs. This ensures that your jewellery not only tells a story but also carries the weight of responsible sourcing and craftsmanship.


My jewellery is a reflection of my commitment to the environment and my passion for creating pieces that resonate with your love of nature and artistry. Every piece I create is a work of eco-conscious art, designed to inspire and connect.

A vibrant red butterfly sat on tiny white flowers.



For me, honesty is the best policy and it is the foundation upon which Jewellery with Life is built. I believe in transparent communication, fair practices, and a commitment to truthfulness in all aspects of my business. When you choose my jewellery, you're choosing the assurance that what you see is what you get. The jewellery that I produce is a genuine reflection of my dedication to craftsmanship and quality.


I uphold the highest ethical standards in all my endeavours. This extends from sourcing materials to crafting each piece with meticulous care. I take pride in being accountable for every facet of my jewellery-making process, ensuring that each creation meets my uncompromising standards.

Emily sawing honeycomb shapes out of metal. The image is black and white so is high contrast.


I strongly believe that  your journey is unique, and your jewellery should reflect that uniqueness and I am always honoured to be part of your story. Whether it's an engagement ring, an anniversary gift, or a personal indulgence, I'm here to ensure that what you love finds its perfect expression.


Welcome to my world of creativity, love, and artistry—where you should wear what you love!


Warm regards,

Emily Jane


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Prestige Award winner 2020-2022
An award from Central England Prestige Awards
Global Excelence Award for Best Bespoke Jewellery Designer- Staffordhsire
Certificate of excellence 2017 from Arts and Crafts Design Awards
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