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Jewellery With Life Gift Guide

Your guide to the best gifts to give this festive season!

Buying handmade and supporting small businesses is more important than ever. It also makes a gift mean so much more than something that's been mass produced.

Gifts £20 and Under

We're all more aware of our budgets, that's why I always aim to have options that are more affordable so you can gift handmade without breaking the bank!

Silver Stacking Rings

Stacking rings are still super popular and a great gift for those that are fans of dainty and simple jewellery.

Recycled Silver Pendants

Pendants are the biggest seller when it comes to gifts, you don't need to know a size and there's always plenty of choice to match a persons style. The great thing about all of the choices below is that they are all made out of recycled silver so you can gift and give back to the environment!

Glorious Gemstones

Something a bit more sparkly is always a hit! I always have a lovely range of gemstone pieces available and I keep stones in stock to make custom pieces with too. All of my stones are caferfully sourced by trusted suppliers so that everyone involved is treated fairly.

Custom Work, One-Offs and Made to Order

I do take orders for custom work and always have a great range of special one-off items and pieces that are made to order. These are great options if you want to gift something really personal or extra special. I'm only taking custom orders up to Saturday 11th November to leave plenty of time but don't hesitate to get in touch after this date as I might just be able to squeeze you in!

Jewellery always is, and always will be a popular gift. I love that I can offer you something unique rather than the usual mass produced options. I'm always on hand to help you achieve your gifting dreams, get in touch via or hit me up on social media.

Shop with ease via my website or come and shop in store at Two Silver Pennies, Uttoxeter.

Happy Gifting!

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