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Figuring Out Your Ring Size

Seen a ring you absolutely love, but have no idea what size you need? It’s a very common conundrum, and I’m here to help.

Here in the UK your ring size is represented by a letter; in other countries such as the US and Europe it’s a number. If you know what size a ring is, but it’s from another country, don’t worry just let us jewellers know and we can find a conversion chart.

So, let’s get into the ways you can find out your ring size.

Going into a Store

The simplest way would be to go into a jewellery store and ask. They will have ring sizers that you place on your finger, just like a ring. You will keep going through them until you find the one that is the correct fit, and the jeweller can make a note of what size it is.

If you’re already wearing a ring that’s the desired size, but you don’t know what it is, the store will also have a ring mandrel that you can slip your ring onto. The line it hits will indicate the size.

I always have my ring sizers with me at a market or event, and I’ll often have my mandrel too. If you’re looking at the rings, but aren’t finding the correct size, I can simply find out what size you need and make one to order.

Buying a ring sizer

Now, I’m not saying you go out and buy the set mentioned above, as that would be a bit over-kill.

If you you’re someone that buys rings a lot but forgets what size you are then it might be worth buying a ring sizer.

These are little strips of plastic that you put on like a ring. You put one end through a slit and pull to tighten it around your finger. Once you have reached a point where the fit is comfortable and it’s not going to slip off, you should be able to see the size you need on the scale.

You can buy them for a couple of pounds from places like Amazon and Ebay.

Alternatively you can find printable ones that you simply cut out and use, though I’m not sure how accurate this would be.

How long’s a piece of string?

If you’re really in a pinch and you’re getting a custom ring made you can use a piece of string. Simply wrap the string around your finger and make sure you mark or hold it where it meets. You can then measure this against a tape measure (or you can simply use the tape measure) or a ruler. The jeweller will then know the length of material needed to make your ring.

I hope these quick tips have been helpful. Never be put off from buying what you want just because you’re unsure of the size or I don’t have the size you need with me. I’m always here to help and make sure you get exactly what you want.

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